We understand how the back-of-house works and have been involved in the organization of buildings of all types worldwide. As a whole, we excel at assisting architects in arranging functional adjacencies and circulation paths for products, staff, and waste. We eliminate adversarial intersections, respond to HACCP guidelines, and develop efficiencies from the delivery dock to all back-of-house spaces, with special attention to concealment and connection to the front-of-house.

  • Organization of the Dock

    • Receiving/Control

    • Staff Access/Egress

    • Compacting/Waste Containment

  • Product Flow from the Dock to:

    • Food and Beverage Storage

    • Material Storage/Issue

  • Staff Access/Egress

    • Human Resources

    • Control/Timekeeping

    • Uniform Issue/Lockers

    • Staff Dining

  • Maintenance and Engineering

  • Administrative Offices


As more and more resorts, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, etc., are planned in a “dispersed” manner with venues spread around the property, the servicing of those outlets grow more complicated. We can assist in the organization of the service systems to support the overall mission of each project:

  • Central Support Location for Campuses & Resorts 

  • Vehicle Planning and Specification 

  • Vehicle Path and Parking Requirements 

  • Movement of products, staff, and waste to and from central production to satellite serving locations

  • System of Movement in resorts for: 

    • Room Service 

    • Minibar Service 

    • Housekeeping 

    • Valet Service 

    • Staff Movement 

    • Guest Transport 

    • Trash Removal 

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