A letter from Lenny Condenzio, CEO of Ricca Design Studios

Greetings Folks, 
I hope that this note finds you, your family and your colleagues in good health and in a safe place. On behalf of our Ricca team, our hearts go out to all who may have been affected by this unprecedented pandemic. These past few months have been a powerful reminder of how connected our world is and why we should be more aware of our role in making it a better place. 
Like all of you, I have been following reports of the Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19) and working with our leadership group to be responsive with the best plans possible to keep our Ricca team and their families safe, while at the same time doing the same for you and delivering on our commitments to our collaborators, partners, and all of our client project teams. We have a fully implemented Response and Preparation Plan for Fluidity of Coronavirus in place and it’s been updated three times since the beginning of this month. It follows the latest guidelines and recommendations from the Center for Disease and Control (CDC). I am sure that a revision will be due by Monday given the near-term changes that will inform us how better to limit exposure. Rest assured that we have done everything we can to be responsible citizens, working from home or in isolation, and equipped with all the tools and access to be highly productive and available to each other and to each of our customers. 
Due to the business model of a culinary design firm like ours, we’ve long been adept and have been increasingly nimble at working from home, tele-conferencing from any corner of the earth and also working in the cloud. So, we are quite prepared to deliver you seamless service and a great experience during this time. And with all that confidence we remain humble enough to know that we can always do better. Our biggest challenge right now is not being able to have the workgroups, design charrettes, and collaborative experiences that we all know are better conducted in person. However, in just a few short days we are already coming up with ideas on how to make 100% virtual offices, design and communication a more robust and productive event. 
I understand the impact of these measures taken across the world right now are disruptive to say the least. Despite our best efforts to remain positive, adapt to the challenges and continue to bring our resources to you, we are still faced with uncertainty and the considerable unease brought on by uncertainty. We will continue to be vigilant, be responsible, and available to you. 
It’s what we do. We figure it out. So, with that message, I want you to know that no matter the challenges coming at us each day, I have every bit of confidence that our Ricca team will do all that they can to be a valued partner. 

Be safe and stay healthy. 
Warm Regards,

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