Building and packaging your current menu items onsite can be faster, safer, and more economical. Work with us to convert a space or rearrange a current kitchen. Ricca understands that packaging technology achieves desired efficiencies. Improve labor, speed, consistency, health & sanitation compliance, quality control and shelf life extension through packaging equipment and automation. Ricca will help you determine the best packaging materials for your current menu, sustainability goals, existing waste processing, and budget. Our team of experts works with your local health jurisdiction and equipment manufacturers to ensure compliance. We can also develop approppriate standard operating procedures as required.

We will provide flexible and nimble solutions that stand the test of time, and any special dietary requirements can easily be included. Our experts and partners have years of experience to help you make the right decisions for your dining program. 

  • Site assessment and implementation

  • Review menu items to determine the best packaging & equipment offerings for grab-n-go, delivery, and pick up. 

  • Conceptual planning of packaging needs

  • Labeling and coding for compliance, tracking & branding. 

  • Delivery systems and logistics

  • Financial analysis and budgeting to determine cost implications and overall labor savings

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