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Project Héroe: Preventing Future Pandemics with Proactive Design

Updated: May 3, 2021

At Ricca, we pride ourselves on being thought and change leaders in the foodservice industry. We are helping to create what's next by joining Project Héroe, an effort led by HLW, the USC School of Architecture, and the USC Keck School of Medicine. The Project Heroe team consists of industry-leading engineers, developers, and specialty consultants.

"Project Héroe will study how COVID-19 can help identify infrastructures that will thwart future pandemics and allow people to interact unhindered by social distancing," according to a release from the USC School of Architecture.

This initiative seeks to answer the questions: "Is there a built solution that can be implemented to stem future outbreaks of a similar virus?" and "What can we do as architects to create an environment where this problem can be solved?"

As part of the Project Héroe team, Ricca will seek to answer those questions as they relate to foodservice and laundry – vital services necessary for daily sustenance and the safety of surgeons, doctors, medical staff, researchers, and the support work force living and working in these front line mobile hospitals.

“Given the scalable nature and unknown site conditions of the modular hospitals mobilizing to worldwide pandemics or natural disasters, we developed a self-contained dispersed system for food and laundry services. These support services grow and flex with site conditions and campus configurations,” said Sean Callnin, Executive Principal with Ricca. “Whether in an urban, suburban or rural setting, dining and laundry facilities automatically scale in direct correlation with the size of the medical facilities. The Project team has developed a modular system that can be configured and mobilized to any location in the world.”

To learn more about Project Héroe, click here.

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