Conference Season Begins

Conferences are no easy feat. From bookings, call-for programs, panel speaking, presentation prepping, travel planning, booth design and shipment, weekend setup and conference attendance, all the way back to booth tear down and storage, the Ricca team pours in countless hours, expertise, public relations skills, and sweat into making these conferences a success. It’s a team effort. And it pays off. Year after year, Ricca continues to build new business, harvest strong relationships with clients, and position themselves as industry leaders. The best in the business. So thank you. Everyone. From the team members who help load the dock, marketing who coordinates all the moving parts to the partner/principal/directors who sets up booths, attends conference and speaks on panels. Thank you for being a part of growing our business and the success of the firm.


Ricca kicks off the 2016 Conference Season strong with a beautiful exhibit at the 2016 ACUI Annual Conference. Highlighting the latest trends in the industry and communicating how those trends can be brought into the Student Union dining experience, Ricca came back energized and excited about new business opportunities.

March was exciting as the Ricca design team and leadership attended various NACUFS Regional Conferences. Kerri represented Ricca at the NACUFS Mid-Atlantic Conference. Tarah, Phil, Aaron, and Lenny represented at the NACUFS Midwest Conference. Kerri and Lenny headed to Buffalo, NY for the NACUFS Northeast Conference. Lastly, Al traveled to Idaho and presented at the NACUFS Pacific/Continental Conference. Heidi attended the largest hotel investment conference in the world, ALIS back in January, and traveled with Jean-Michel to the Microsoft City Center to look at how the industry is cultivating and sustaining the workforce behind the best foods being brought to the plate at the Solutions³ Conference.


At the same time, Lenny and his studio took center stage at the 2016 NACUFS Southern Regional conference. Their presentation on “Catalyst for Change” was a must-see as he spoke about the success of the newly constructed Bolton Dining Commons with the University and Bruner/Cott, the Architect on the project. Viewers were impressed and Ricca was once again showcased as thought-leaders and experts in the industry.


In April, Kathy and Ted will speak at the 2016 FCSI The Americas Conference in Nashville. Kathy will partner with S2O and Rippe on the topic: Business Breakout – Successful at any Size – the Business of Consulting. Ted will focus on the work he performed at Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University and his expertise in educational facilities overseas. Tarah continues to wow the industry with her expertise in sustainability and will walk listeners through the Energy Assessments for three downtown restaurants in Boulder, CO with her colleagues, Elizabeth Vasatka with the City of Boulder, Adam Knoff with Unico Properties, Vern Smith with Ricca e2, and Megan Jorgensen with Snooze A.M. Eatery. She will also speak at the Foodservice BootCamp discussion on Foodservice Facility Design, Renovation, and New Construction held in Charlotte, NC where top consultants in the industry walk you through the process of building a foodservice operation.


Hats off to Ricca, the whole team, who made and continue to make this conference season a success!


Conferences Season Schedule:

  • NACAS Regional – Lenny Condenzio - Speaking

  • AHF – Al Moller and Heidi Kunsman

  • ALSD – Sean Callnin and Heidi Kunsman

  • SCUP National – Heidi Kunsman

  • NACUFS National – Lenny Condenzio, Phillip Landgraf, Tarah Schroeder, Heidi Kunsman – Exhibiting

  • IAVM VenueConnect – David Chislett, Phillip Landgraf, Heidi Kunsman

  • SMPS Build Business – Heidi Kunsman

  • SHFM National – Heidi Kunsman

  • USGBC Greenbuild – Tarah Schroeder

  • NACAS – Lenny Condenzio, Phillip Landgraf, Heidi Kunsman – Exhibiting

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