Systems for solid waste handling are an integral component of any building or campus. The strategies and options for waste handling are ever increasing with sustainably initiatives and new technologies, especially for food waste. We can analyze the options appropriate for the project and help plan the back-of-house from the dock to all departments and service venues throughout the building. For large scale complexes and campuses, our services can expand to include logistical recommendations for sitewide collection systems, vehicular options, and transportation routes to avoid cross contamination and guest paths.


Food waste options may include grinding/pulping systems, composting, dehydration, digestors, vacuum systems, and numerous waste-to-energy options. Our LEED certified professionals will assist in determining the best fit for the client and operation based on labor efficiencies, sanitary conditions, energy and sustainability goals, code compliance, and regional influences.

  • Food-Waste Systems Strategies

  • Demand Capacity Analysis

  • Alternate Waste System Analysis  

  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Equipment Sizing

  • Equipment Identification 

  • Recycling Planning 

  • Dock Planning and Coordination

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