Client Testimonies


"I’d also like to express my appreciation for the incredibly quick responses we always get from your team whenever we do have any electrical questions, and the truly well-documented manner in which you’ve conveyed to us --- the critical information we need --- in order to complete the electrical designs for these kitchens. With everyone working at such an accelerated pace on this project, we didn’t want you to think we hadn’t noticed how well organized your information has been. Your firm’s efforts have truly made my job much simpler, --- particularly for these 2.5MW All-Electric kitchens --- and I thank you very much for that.  I do hope we get a chance to work with your group again in the future."

Mark Nicolai | Senior Associate Elecrtrical Engineer | Stevens & Wilkinson



"For years I have said that the Ricca design team is teh most forward thinking and acting consultant firm in the United States. They have great people, a superb reputation, and an excellent work ethic."

Richard Hynes | Director of Consultant Services | Hobart Corporation



"I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with the way this project has developed. Your team has done an amazing job. Thank you for being so collaborative and presenting such a great product."

Melynda Mannix | Manager of Design-Select Service | Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide



"I have enjoyed working with the team at Ricca to see our new LEED rated student union come to life. They listened to our desires and brought their experience to create something relevant and vibrant. We consider them true partners in our operation."

Carl Korz | Foodservice Director, South Student Union Redevelopment | University of Wisconsin



"I believe it is difficult to walk the line as a designer to have a strong voice while still working within the architectural aspirations of the building as a whole; this is something Ricca excels at."

- Mark Perras | Project Manager | Perry Dean Rogers, Partners Architects



"We enjoy working with Ricca as they take a collaborative approach to design. They act like our partners in the process and alwats delivers with creative solutions that make our projects better."

Walter Isenberg | President & CEO | Sage Hospitality Resources

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