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Founded in 1973, Ricca Design Studios is an international culinary design firm specializing in front and back-of-house design for all foodservice related spaces. We work with architects, interior designers, developers, general contractors, and owners to create culinary spaces that enhance the front-of-house dining experience, maximize back-of-house efficiencies, and cater to chefs’ unique operational needs.


With 45+ years in the industry, we understand the importance of creating spaces that blend with the aesthetic intent, while allowing guests to enjoy and appreciate a distinctive culinary experience. Our team of culinary design experts, led by innovative Principals, is dedicated to finding the right solution for each unique project.


We leverage our past practice as professional chefs, food and beverage directors, restaurant owners, hospitality school professors, and nutritionists to create highly efficient environments for chefs and guests alike. Our collective background and knowledge provide us with an in-depth understanding and expertise of how the entire operation works. Together with our clients, we design award-winning projects that make a lasting impression on their guests.  


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