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Foodservice Design

Designing efficient kitchens and beautiful foodservice venues is the core of our business. We design spaces that improve the lives of chefs, staff, and operators. We create highly functional, leading-edge, cost-conscious workspaces that maximize efficiency, yet still fit beautifully into the overall “restaurant” design.

We thrive in our ability to work on all sizes and types of projects – from small coffee shops, cafés, and bars; to large, complex, multi-venue foodservice systems in resorts, campuses, and stadiums – and everything in between. As professional foodservice consultants, we inform on the latest equipment technologies, with unbiased recommendations that are most beneficial to our clients.

  • Retail Food Market Planning

  • Catering & Event Facility Planning

  • Culinary Support Centers & Commissaries

  • Full-Process Equipment Budgeting

  • Charrette Capability with 3D Presentations

  • Service Dock Planning & Coordination

  • Waste & Recycling Planning

  • Coordination with Engineers/Specialty Consultant

  • Programming & Space Planning

  • Demand Capacity Analysis

  • Efficiency Analysis

  • Kitchen Design & Show Kitchen Design

  • Demonstration & Teaching Kitchen Design

  • Marketplace Servery Design

  • Foodservice Equipment Selection

  • MEP Rough-In & Connection


Front of House Planning

As culinary specialists, we are not only focused on the success of the back-of-house, but also on the success of the “overall” customer dining experience. We collaborate with the design team on front-of-house areas as well, via work in planning, programs, circulation, seating capacities, seating mix, and functional integration with back-of-house elements.

With the continued evolution of show kitchens, demo/teaching kitchens, and food halls, we recognize the importance of seamless blending between functional and aesthetic features. Our ability to develop preliminary seating plans can test dining capacities and efficiencies, initiate table mixes, and illustrate opportunities for table flexibility.

Our expertise in F&B millwork and counter detailing may also be of use in front-of-house design. We understand the appropriate dimensions and details necessary for code compliance, ergonomic comfort, and eye-catching aesthetics. We are known for our exceptional collaboration efforts with our design team partners in creating dining and service spaces that exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Table Size and Mix Recommendations

  • Visioning/Charrettes/Concept Briefs/Initial Imaging

  • Preliminary Circulation Studies, Service Elements, and BOH “Baffling” Techniques

  • Assistance with Durable Materials/Surface Selections

  • Millwork and Counter Detailing


Back of House Planning

We understand how the back-of-house works and have been involved in the organization of buildings of all types worldwide. As a whole, we excel at assisting architects in arranging functional adjacencies and circulation paths for products, staff, and waste. We eliminate adversarial intersections, respond to HACCP guidelines, and develop efficiencies from the delivery dock to all back-of-house spaces, with special attention to concealment and connection to the front-of-house.

  • Organization of the Dock

    • Receiving/Control

    • Staff Access/Egress

    • Compacting/Waste Containment

  • Product Flow from the Dock to:

    • Food and Beverage Storage

    • Material Storage/Issue

  • Staff Access/Egress

    • Human Resources

    • Control/Timekeeping

    • Uniform Issue/Lockers

    • Staff Dining

  • Maintenance and Engineering

  • Administrative Offices


Logistics Planning

As more and more resorts, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, etc., are planned in a “dispersed” manner with venues spread around the property, the servicing of those outlets grow more complicated. We can assist in the organization of the service systems to support the overall mission of each project:

  • Central Support Location for Campuses & Resorts

  • Vehicle Planning and Specification

  • Vehicle Path and Parking Requirements

  • Movement of products, staff, and waste to and from central production to satellite serving locations

  • System of Movement in resorts for:

    • Room Service

    • Minibar Service

    • Housekeeping

    • Valet Service

    • Staff Movement

    • Guest Transport

    • Trash Removal


Solid Waste Planning

Systems for solid waste handling are an integral component of any building or campus. The strategies and options for waste handling are ever-increasing with sustainable initiatives and new technologies, especially for food waste. We can analyze the options appropriate for the project and help plan the back-of-house from the dock to all departments and service venues throughout the building. For large-scale complexes and campuses, our services can expand to include logistical recommendations for sitewide collection systems, vehicular options, and transportation routes to avoid cross-contamination and guest paths.

Food waste options may include grinding/pulping systems, composting, dehydration, digestors, vacuum systems, and numerous waste-to-energy options. Our LEED-certified professionals will assist in determining the best fit for the client and operation based on labor efficiencies, sanitary conditions, energy and sustainability goals, code compliance, and regional influences.

  • Food-Waste Systems Strategies

  • Demand Capacity Analysis

  • Alternate Waste System Analysis 

  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Equipment Sizing

  • Equipment Identification

  • Recycling Planning

  • Dock Planning and Coordination


Sustainability Planning

We are the first LEED culinary design consulting firm in the U.S, setting the benchmark for an entire profession. We care about our environment and know that you do too. We know that the decisions you make today will affect your operations, profitability, and employees for years to come.

  • Assessment and Development of Measurable Sustainable Objectives

  • Net Zero and Electrification Planning Charrettes and Analysis

  • Foodservice Equipment Energy Model Profiles and EUI Benchmarking

  • Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning

  • LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge Planning and Coordination Services

  • Analysis of Equipment for Life Cycle Profiling


Laundry Design

We design and plan efficient laundry facilities.  We understand this task is highly technical, involving astute demand calculations and carefully matched equipment sizes and capacities. We focus on available space, labor efficiencies, and output needs. We consider the provisions of cost and energy containment, support equipment, and material handling systems for effective movement of linens throughout the laundry, building, and resort or campus.

  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Demand Capacity Analysis

  • Efficiency Analysis

  • Outsourcing Decision Analysis

  • Laundry Equipment Selection

  • MEP Rough-In and Connections

  • Coordination with Engineers/Specialty Consultants

  • Full-Process Equipment Budgeting

  • Charette Capability with 3D Presentations

  • Dock Planning and Coordination

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Management Advisory Services

  • As-Built Plans

  • Asset Valuation

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Full-Process Budgeting

  • Efficiency Analysis

  • Labor Studies

  • Outsourcing Decision Analysis

  • Operator RFPs and Selection

  • HAACP Planning

  • Production Feasibility Studies

  • Centralization Study

  • Peer Reviews

  • Benchmarking Tours/Studies

  • Technical Systems Recommendations

  • Design Brief Development

  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Demand and Capacity Studies

  • Basis of Design Narratives

  • Campus Master Planning

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Concept Development

  • Menu Planning

  • ROI Analysis

  • Brand Design Standards Development & Documentation

  • F&B Assessment & Recommendation Studies

  • Condition and Code Reports

Our planning practice is led by former Operators, all with a boots-on-the-ground approach to analysis and planning, all with broad experience in the industry, and all trusted advisors to a diverse range of clients.  We all understand that great solutions come from focused, collaborative work. Let the Ricca team and our strategic partners help write your success story.

Our services include:


Packaging Services

Building and packaging your current menu items onsite can be faster, safer, and more economical. Work with us to convert a space or rearrange a current kitchen. Ricca understands that packaging technology achieves desired efficiencies. Improve labor, speed, consistency, health & sanitation compliance, quality control, and shelf-life extension through packaging equipment and automation. Ricca will help you determine the best packaging materials for your current menu, sustainability goals, existing waste processing, and budget. Our team of experts works with your local health jurisdiction and equipment manufacturers to ensure compliance. We can also develop appropriate standard operating procedures as required.

We will provide flexible and nimble solutions that stand the test of time, and any special dietary requirements can easily be included. Our experts and partners have years of experience to help you make the right decisions for your dining program.

  • Site assessment and implementation

  • Review menu items to determine the best packaging & equipment offerings for grab-n-go, delivery, and pick up.

  • Conceptual planning of packaging needs

  • Labeling and coding for compliance, tracking & branding.

  • Delivery systems and logistics

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