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Paid Internship

The purpose of the Internship Program is to give people an introductory experience with a world leader in the Foodservice consulting industry.  Interns will be exposed to facets of Revit that most impact our work, attend presentations by equipment manufacturers, learn the general AEC project workflow and how it pertains to Foodservice, and when possible, accompany team members in the field so they can see what our work looks like when it is complete or close to being such.


     Interns will be treated and trained as any new staff member would be and are expected to take an active role in their success at Ricca.  While we are confident the program will expose interns to most of our business and industry in general, any areas of interest should be brought up so they can be further explored whenever possible. 

Below is a general list of what interns can expect to learn from Ricca:

  • Improved Revit skills, particularly as they relate to Family building.

  • Exposure to the AEC project progression and phases.

  • A deeper knowledge of Foodservice equipment.

  • Exposure to the design process as it relates to Foodservice areas.

  • Real-life exposure to Foodservice areas (when possible)

  • Opportunity to hone verbal and written skills.

  • Training in many software platforms that pertain to foodservice consulting and the AEC industry in general.




The below 12-week outline is for reference only and can be completed sooner. The exact schedule will vary based on interns’ abilities, curiosities, and staff member availability.

  • Week 1: Onboarding & Introduction

  • Week 2: Training Project

  • Week 3: Training Project Continued

  • Week 4: Conclude Training Project

  • Week 5: Family Building & Family QC 

  • Week 6: Family Building & Family QC Continued

  • Week 7: Conclude Family Building & Family QC

  • Week 8: Studio Shadow

  • Week 9: Program Catch-up

  • Week 10: Program & Studio Work

  • Week 11: Program Wrap-up and Conclusion

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