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AT&T Stadim
AT&T Stadim
AT&T Stadim


dallas cowboys | arlington, tx






78,000 seats


Ranked 5th Greenest Stadium in U.S. by SunRun


HKS, Inc. | Dallas, TX

Distinguished sports venues are a testament to their exceptional ability to create memorable brand experiences, adapt to evolving needs, and foster deep connections between fans and the game. One remarkable example is the iconic stadium located in Arlington, Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys. This impressive facility honors the team's storied history while embracing innovative practices for the future of sports.

With a seating capacity of 78,000, this stadium proudly holds the title of the fifth most environmentally conscious sports venue in the United States. Its eco-friendly features set it apart from the rest. Notably, it incorporates a cutting-edge bio-composting system that converts organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, the retractable roof seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, optimizing natural light and ventilation to conserve energy. The stadium's design also includes end zone doors that enhance natural airflow and illumination while providing a welcoming atmosphere for fans.

This commitment to sustainability extends beyond game days. The stadium features strategically placed recycling bins, making it easy for fans to participate in eco-friendly practices. Moreover, a comprehensive recycling initiative ensures that materials used in construction and maintenance are recycled, further reducing its ecological footprint.

In every aspect of its design, the stadium underscores its dedication to sustainability in modern sports venues. It serves as a model for future arenas, skillfully combining tradition and innovation. The facility not only pays homage to the past but also ensures a sustainable and remarkable future for sports and fans. By setting a high standard for environmentally conscious and fan-centric facilities, it strives to create a greener and more engaging sports experience.

The stadium is a beacon in the sports world, showcasing a dedication to environmental responsibility and innovations in eco-conscious practices. It transcends the conventional idea of a sports venue and transforms it into an eco-friendly and fan-centric space that sets a new standard for the future. It's not just a stadium; it's a testament to how sports arenas can evolve into sustainable and engaging places.


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