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Hamilton Princess Resort Duchess Cafe
Hamilton Princess Resort Duchess Cafe
Hamilton Princess Resort Duchess Cafe


duchess cafe | bermuda


April 2020


Botelhowood Architects

Ricca Design Studios has been a key player in shaping the culinary experience during the ongoing renovations at the illustrious Hamilton Princess Resort & Beach Club, one of Bermuda's most iconic luxury hotels. Over the last decade, this Fairmont-managed property has invested a staggering $100 million in revitalizing its offerings, setting a new standard for opulence on the island.

The Hamilton Princess Resort & Beach Club's transformation has touched every aspect of its charm, from the marina, spa, and guest rooms to the exclusive beach club and the standout restaurant, Marcus'. Chef Marcus Samuelsson's culinary wizardry at Marcus' is a delightful blend of classic Bermudian flavors with a contemporary twist. Guest favorites here include the tantalizing Fish Chowder Bites, the crispy perfection of Buttermilk Cauliflower, and the mouthwatering Obama Short Ribs.

Yet, the culinary journey doesn't end at Marcus'. The hotel has breathed new life into The Duchess Café and Gelateria, a beautifully refurbished space. It opens its doors early in the morning to welcome guests with craft coffee and delectable pastries. As the day progresses, it transitions into a relaxed lunch spot, offering a diverse menu of culinary delights.

After a day of exploring Bermuda's wonders, guests can unwind at the newly renovated Crown & Anchor, the hotel's lobby bar and restaurant. This inviting space offers a haven for dining and sipping on fine beverages, all within the welcoming embrace of this luxurious resort.

The ongoing renovations at the Hamilton Princess Resort & Beach Club are a testament to the pursuit of excellence. With a spotlight on culinary design, this journey not only reshapes the concept of luxury in Bermuda but also invites guests to savor a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.



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