Tarah Schroeder, Executive Principal at Ricca Design Studios


Executive Principal | Denver, CO

I feel most alive when...?

...speaking in front of a group, playing music, snowboarding, rock climbing, running, laughing.

If you could take a 6-month sabbatical what would you do?

North America RV trip with my kids.

Pet Peeve?

Spelling errors, unfaced grocery shelves.


Building Trust.

Advice for your 20-year old self? 

Be yourself, people will love you for who you are. If you aren't failing, you aren't trying. Failure is part of success. 

What's your signature dish?

Latkes and spinach kugel.

What's always in your refrigerator? 

Smoked Salmon, cucumbers, apples, ranch dressing, jam, string cheese, sparkling water. 


Confidential Financial Client
Blue Moon Brewing Company
Marquette University
Berklee College of Music