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Regions Field
Regions Field
Regions Field


birmingham barons ballpark | birmingham, al






8,500 seats


HKS, Inc. | Dallas, TX

This design-build project moved the Barons ballpark from the suburbs of Alabama to Birmingham’s heart. Every detail for this unique and efficient design was thought out. From conveniently located concession stands, minimized lines and a variety of food and seating options, fans can still be immersed in the action on the field.


With an emphasis on supporting as many local business as possible, national fast-food chains are not located in the stadium. The old ballpark sported 10 permanent concessions and the newly built stadium now contains 27, plus six mobile carts for fans to pick their favorite foods. After fans have a bite to eat, they can enjoy flexible public spaces, shop for Barons merchandise, and relax with a cold one in the beer garden. All these elements come together to create a distinctively different ballpark experience.

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