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OSU Reser Stadium
OSU Reser Stadium
OSU Reser Stadium


oregon state university | corvallis, or




Anticipated 2023

The Oregon State University Reser Stadium is getting a significant upgrade thanks to an enormous and anonymous donation. The stadium renovation will be breaking ground after the 2021 football season and be fully open and functional by the start of the 2023 season. The renovation has set the facility's intent to be open year-round, not just for football season. It will include a student medical facility, welcome center, and meeting space for students, faculty, and staff.


As the current layout only supports concessions on the east side of the stadium, the new renovation plans include a 360-degree concourse around the field to increase the number of concessions and other amenities for the home team and guest supporters. Students and fans will have easy access to their favorite game-time snacks and bites while not missing a single play.

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