florence moore dining hall | stanford, ca




Summer 2013


13,576 SF

376 Seats (+200 Outside)

7 Dining Rooms

473 Residential Students


DES Architects + Engineers

Redwood City, CA

Bigger isn’t always better—which was definitely the case with regard to kitchen equipment at Flo Mo Dining. What used to be a space obstructed by seemingly large walls of bulky foodservice equipment is now a light, open and airy eatery with offerings as fresh as the new look of the hall.


Considerably the most dramatic piece of the transformation is the exposed kitchen, now housing state-of-the-art, energy efficient equipment, which helps to maximize the kitchens functionality. A self-serve salad bar, hearth oven, exhibition grill, Evo Grill, and Montague Cooking Suite all uniquely add to the functionality and customization available throughout the dining hall. The dining hall also features kosher, vegetarian, vegan and organic food selections in an effort to suit everyone’s dietary needs. 


Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine, Facilities Design Project of the Month, April 1, 2016

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