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University of Minnesota Duluth


resident dining center | duluth, mn




August 2016


443 seats

Serves 2,300 guests


Architectural Resources, Inc.

Duluth, MN

From an outdated dining hall to new and lively dining destination, The University of Minnesota Duluth Resident Dining Center went through a complete renovation catering to their modern-day student.  

  • Focusing on their growing population, first they opened the layout of the space—enlarging and expanding the traffic flow and enhancing the seating capacity, while not altering the buildings footprint. With this change, the guest limits were raised from 900 to 2,300!

  • The seating area, has been repositioned from a dining section into a multi-use area where students eat, study, relax and gather. This reimagined social space has become the pivotal location for budding friendships and college careers— as the dining center’s largest student demographic is freshman. 

  • The food selections themselves were upgraded, with increased options and a profound focus on fresh and healthy ingredients. Complimenting these fundamental changes, the demonstration stations showcase the ingredients and elevate the overall dining experience.

Now the leading dining location on campus, University of Minnesota Duluth’s Resident Dining Center is filled with an energy and vibrancy matching the spirits of its incoming students.


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