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Urban Putt


bar & restaurant | denver, co




September 2019

2,650 SF Main Kitchen & Bar

Roth Sheppard Architects
Denver, CO

Housed within the historic Denver City Cable Railway Co. building, a transformation has taken place, giving rise to an enchanting indoor mini golf destination that boasts  two nine-hole miniature golf courses. Families who once frequented the Old Spaghetti Factory can now return to savor a distinct and captivating form of entertainment. This endeavor was conceived by none other than Steve Fox, the esteemed founder, renowned for pioneering this golf-themed entertainment concept in San Francisco in 2014. Denver proudly hosts only the second location of its kind in the nation, a choice made significant by Fox's deep ties to Colorado through his wife, a native of the state.

What sets Urban Putt apart from the conventional mini golf experience is its infusion of pop culture references, subtle humor, and intriguing hidden elements into its thematic design.

Patrons are treated to a culinary journey curated by Chef Dane Boryta. Committed to excellence, the kitchen crafts each dish from scratch, sourcing local ingredients to craft a delectable menu that encompasses beloved sports-bar classics such as sliders, pretzel knots, and mac and cheese. Beyond these favorites, the menu caters to diverse palates, featuring delights like lamb kibbeh, seared tuna, empanadas, pizza, and more. The tasteful bar complements the experience, offering an array of local beers and expertly crafted cocktails that guests can savor while navigating the intricate mini golf courses.

With its ingenious design and innovative approach, Urban Putt beckons Denver's residents and visitors to indulge in an upscale and unforgettable recreational experience.


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