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Ricca Design Studios' December Newsletter

Updated: May 3, 2021



Boulder Valley School District's new culinary center is featured in Foodservice Equipment Reports' 2020 Innovators program, which is included in their December issue. FER's Innovators program is dedicated to recognizing the best ideas in foodservice, with a focus on a creative process, layout, or system. Click here to read FER's piece on BVSD or click the link below to watch a video about the project.

Despite everything that we have encountered in 2020, we are thankful to each of you for your continued support. We hope that everyone was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, whether it was a traditional celebration, or a 2020 rendition. Read along below to see what some of our staff are thankful for this year.

“I’m thankful that in a time when so many are unemployed and/or sick, I still have a job and my family is healthy.” – David R.

“Family! The ability to work from home and keep our family safe & healthy, and our wonderful staff for remaining patient, dedicated, and exemplifying professionalism during this difficult time.” – Phillip L.

“Having a mom who raised, nurtured, taught, and support me to be the person I am today.” – Min A.

“My admiration and appreciation for those that make up this Ricca family has grown deeper with another year passing us. Regardless of the circumstances which affected so many this year, our lives have been braced by sources of hope and togetherness from the will of this tremendous group. We are blessed to have each other, in a world that has shifted economic tides and our perspectives, showcasing just how important having a "family" is during times of tribulation. I am thankful for you all and may everyone have a tremendously present experience in this year's holiday. Appreciate the time we have with the ones we love and let us revel in the chance to continue loving and living each and every day.” – Konner S.

“I am thankful to God who has directed my paths to where I am today, even with some sharp turns throughout my life thus far. Without this direction, I may not have been here in Colorado for these past years, and would not have had Don in my life, nor my stepson and adoring granddaughters. Yes, so very thankful this Thanksgiving, even with such a difficult year.” – Lori K.

“I am thankful for the Ricca Family that has allowed me to continue working, and offering great support during these trying times.” – Amanda P.


Ricca Design Studios is excited to announce that The Branch OC Student Dining Facility at Oklahoma Christian University has been awarded a 2020 People’s Choice Award from AIA Central Oklahoma. Ricca is honored to be a part of the successful team, led by GSB, Inc. Architects, that helped transform this purpose-built renovation and addition project. The Branch Dining Facility is an expansion to the existing Gaylord Student Center, which now features a bright servery with views and comfortable dining and socializing areas. The Branch elevates the quality of food offerings available to students and features an entirely repurposed menu served in the new multi-outlet servery. Click below to read more about the project and award on AIAOC’s site.

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