Phillip Landgraf, Principal at Ricca Design Studios


Principal | Denver, CO

Pet Peeve?

Being late. 

Guilty pleasure?

Good cheese, bread & cured meats, plus some wine!

First project with Ricca?

The University of California Irvine - The Anteatery

Most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

I once butchered my own freshwater eel, cooked, and ate it.

What is always in your refrigerator? 

Way too many condiments.

Favorite restaurant?

Kindred - Davidson, NC. Fried oysters with dill yogurt is one of my top 10 dishes ever!

What's your perfect pizza?

Woodfire, definitely. It's hard to beat the Mushroom Robiola Pizza with Truffle Oil at Osteria Marco, Denver, CO.


Sawmill Market
Urban Putt
MedImmune Cafe
Capital One Market
Florida State University
Ohio University Jefferson Marketplace